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05/30/10 - "A Corner Turned" - A renewal of my dedication to this site and an explanation of why I do this and recent events.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Corner Turned - Why I Do This

OK, I owe everyone an explanation or excuse if that's what you want to call it. Recent events with Google Adsense left me with a HUGE dose of  "who gives a crap" (toned down to maintain my PG site... LOL). But, I have decided to move past it hopefully and return to this and begin my posting of "odd & unusual" sites once again. I feel the need to explain myself and this site one more time before moving on.

The main purpose of this site is to entertain and, in a small way, maybe inform the readers. A close second reason, however, is to help support myself in a lifestyle which includes crawling into an RV in about two years and traveling full time. I love finding the "odd & unusual" and believe that there's a LOT of such places to see. The "support" goal is the reason that the website is "monetized". You'll see ads, links, etc here. Hopefully, not too many, but still, enough to live. I have no visions of becoming an internet millionaire or anything like that. My hope is that I merely make enough off the websites to buy food and gas and whatever other incidentals that are required to maintain the lifestyle as a "fulltimer." It will be necessary to have some alternate sources, but the best scenario would be to completely support myself with this site and any others I might open.

The details of the ways the site is "monetized" follow. I put a break here, just because the dang thing is too darn long without the break. I would love for you to read so that you understand what is going on. I also understand that I'm probably boring you to tears!

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